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The ARLISS Project is a collaborative effort between students and faculty at Stanford University Space Systems Development Program and other educational institutions, and high power rocketry enthusiasts in Northern California, to build, launch, test and recover prototype satellites, miniaturized to fit inside a soft drink can (hence "CanSats") in preparation for an Earth orbit or Mars orbit space launch.

ATHA Aerospace
One of the most asked questions we get is "What the heck does ATHA stand for?", and the answer is really simple - Access To High Altitudes. Not only do want we want to launch rockets higher, we also want to develop technologies, processes and marketing to support low-cost scientific launches.

Civilian Space eXploration Team
Ky Michaelson isn't known as the "Rocketman" for nothing. When he's not shooting port-a-pots in the air for the Discovery Channel he's doing some serious work. Ky is the visionary behind CSXT, the Civilian Space exploration team.

Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews
EMRR is the Internet's largest collection of rocketry product reviews and articles for model, competition, and high power rocketry. We also have the largest RockSIM(tm) file library, Hints and Tips, Flight Logs and a selection of tools including parachute and streamer size calculators. Enjoy the "essence" of rocketry at Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews.

Gates Brothers Rocketry
The Gates brothers are some serious boys. Their multi-motor launches and beautiful rockets inspire us all. Better yet, they have movies of everything available on their web site. Look carefully for all the cool toys. Enjoy!
Your web guide to space hobbies and activities. Nicely laid out with plenty of cool space related news, links, and of course pictures.

Info Central
A comprehensive 'Frequently Asked Questions' style site all about rocketry. Virtually every question you may have about rocketry can be answered here.

John Coker's Rocket Pages
John puts a lot of work into his rockets and it shows. Lucky for us he documents the whole process in lavish detail. This web site is fun, informative and chock full of pictures.

MB Rocketry
This a personal web page with lots of information about mid to high power and experimental rocketry. It includes projects and how to's, pictures and videos, homemade tools and general information. The experimental sections give information on experimental motors and motor cases I have built as well as tools, books and other various material. Have a look around.

Pretto Brothers Rocketry
Chuck and John are serious rocketeers, and John's Vidroc project was the first live webcast of onboard video from a hobby high power rocketry flight.

Rocketry Forum
The Rocketry Forum: The premier forum for all things dealing with the hobby of rocketry. Hosts discussions on various model, high power, and amateur rocketry topics including the making and launching of rockets. Includes the ground support equipment used and certifications required. Featuring customer reviews and vendor feedback. All in a family oriented setting.

Rocket High when altitude counts ! Website dedicated to Hybrid sounding rocket technology 100% inert rocket systems mean no ATF so when solid motors get smaller our Hybrids get bigger up to R-10,000 with full recovery ! We also specialize in Carbon fiber components, Flight computers and our new Co2 ejection system

Rocketry Online
THE global rocketry resource with up-to-date information about model, high power and amateur rocketry, Forums, Chat, Auctions, and much more.

Rocketry Planet
Rocketry Planet is a world class portal dedicated to hobby rocketry enthusiasts around the globe. Here you will find the most exhaustive collection of hobby rocketry web site links for vendors, manufacturers, clubs, organizations, individuals as well as informational sites, books, publications and other types of software and media along with breaking industry news, news archives, feature articles, free auctions and discussion forums.

Team America Rocket Challenge (TARC)
The Team America Rocketry Challenge is a national model rocket competition for U.S. high school and middle school students.
Lots of rocketry video, including onboard footage.

Wedge Oldham's Nike Project
Wedge Oldham's scale Nike Hercules launches are just plain awesome. Relive the experience with lots of info, pictures, and movies. Just when you think you're over the shock of the super cool rocket, check out his launch pad.

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